The Documentary

In 2012, while I was living in Madrid, my friend Javi invited me over to watch a cult documentary from 1970s called El DesencantoThe Disenchantment—about an eccentric Spanish family of writers: the Paneros. Little did I know that this film would end up taking over my life for several years, along with the family itself. Soon after watching the documentary for the first time, then rewatching it again and again, I wrote an essay about it for The Believer, which eventually led to my book. El Desencanto is an astonishing piece of cinema and universally hailed as a classic in Spain, but for some reason it has never been released in the US…until now. I have acquired the rights to the film and will be doing screenings around the country in the spring of 2019 as part of the launch of my book. If you’d like to organize a screening in your town or university, or buy a DVD for academic purposes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.